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It is my passion to promote workplace wellness and professional health and to assist those facing work challenges and trauma at work. As a result of my own career stagnation and challenges, I have developed a coaching and consulting style based on integrity. Using an assessment-based coaching and consulting process, I help you find customized solutions to work challenges. As a result, I have earned the nickname WORKPLACE WHISPERER for my ability to effectively help people and organizations cope with work-related dissatisfaction, bullying, and other issues.

Working with me is like working with a friend. You can count on me. If your problems present tough challenges, we'll find a solution, share some laughs, and come out on top.

As your workplace advocate, I am committed to helping you and your business. Through a work-life balance system, you can improve your job satisfacation and sense of purpose!!

Creating the kind of workplace that you've always wanted

Our mission is to help YOU thrive at work!!

I also offer services and programs specifically related to bully culture and workplace bullying.

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There are specifically designed services to stop bully

culture at work.

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Our Clients
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Southern Illinois University; Behind Closed Doors: Exploring Persistent Workplace Aggression, the Impact, and Solutions for Organizations
Iowa Hospital Association, Presentation Title: Bullying: The Plague Infecting our Workplaces
Missouri Association of Occupational Health Nurses; Presentation Title: Bullying: The Plague Infecting our Workplaces
National Association of Social Workers (NASW); Presentation Title: Bullying: The Plague Infecting our Workplaces

Mental Health KC Conference; Presentation Title: Workplace Bullying is Real. Do You Know How to Help?